Florida lawmakers take first step in regulating Kratom supplement

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Kratom is in the coffee family and is an herbal supplement grown mostly in southeast Asia. Some states have banned it after the federal government raised questions about its safety.

But, the problem didn’t come from the supplement, but from what unscrupulous vendors laced it with, which Florida lawmakers took the first step Tuesday to prevent from happening again.

Kratom is legal but unregulated in Florida. It is a big seller at the Natural Life chain of stores.

“And every day, we get testimonials from people how this plant has changed their life for the better. And we hear it multiple times a day, every day,” said Gabe Suarez, the owner of Natural Life.

Suarez said he requires what he sells to have been tested by a third party to ensure it’s pure and safe. “You name it, we’re searching for it.”

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