Georgia’s Kratom crackdown

A controversial and unregulated supplement that users say works wonders for anxiety, addiction and other maladies — but which some health officials call dangerous — could soon be taken off the shelves in Georgia.

What’s happening: State Rep. Rick Townsend (R-Brunswick) today will present his legislation to add kratom, an herbal supplement made from the leaves of a Southeast Asian tree, to the state’s list of controlled substances. 

  • The legislation would essentially put kratom on par with hallucinogens and heroin — drugs with a high potential for abuse and no medicinal value, according to the law. 
  • Georgia law currently prohibits kratom sales to people under the age of 18. 

Catch up quick: Sold in health stores, gas stations, CBD shops and online, kratom can make people feel upbeat and peppy if they take small doses. At higher doses, the supplement can have an opioid-like effect.

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