Newport Beach Takes a Stand: Kratom Sale and Distribution Banned

In an effort to regulate substances within its jurisdiction, Newport Beach City Council has passed an ordinance prohibiting the sale and distribution of kratom, a decision that reflects the city’s commitment to public health and safety. Kratom, a tropical evergreen tree related to the coffee family and native to Southeast Asia, has been used for over a century in some societies as herbal medicine. Despite its popularity in the U.S. for pain relief and self-treatment of various conditions, the substance faces scrutiny due to concerns over safety and the lack of FDA approval.

This move by Newport Beach, highlighted in a recent Los Angeles Times article, is part of a broader discussion on the substance’s legality and safety. With an estimated 1.7 million Americans over 12 using kratom, the debate continues on its risks and benefits. Newport Beach’s ordinance signals a cautious approach, prioritizing community health over the availability of unregulated substances.