American Kratom Association Issues Consumer Advisory, Urges FDA to Regulate Kratom in Wake of Product Liability Lawsuits

From Washington, D.C., via News21AM -— The American Kratom Association (AKA) issued another Consumer Advisory in response to recent wrongful death jury awards in Florida and elsewhere:

1. The American Kratom Association urges the Food and Drug Administration to immediately publish product manufacturing standards for kratom products that are sold to consumers and encourages the removal of kratom products that do not contain adequate labeling with recommended serving sizes, product ingredients and appropriate warnings on conditions of use.

2. Until the FDA implements a set of standards to protect consumers, the AKA advises kratom consumers not to purchase or consume kratom products that:

a. Have not been certified by an independent third-party lab to be free of dangerous contaminants or that contain adulterants that could be dangerous to consume.

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