Kratom Legality Case in Indiana: What Residents Need To Know

Despite being dubbed as the “drug of concern” by FDA, Metragyna Speciosa, or in other words, Kratom has been the miraculous lifesaving drug for many. As a herbal tea used by Asian farmers in the 19th century, it is intriguing that the Americans have gotten fond of Kratom so quickly. There are 16 million Kratom users in the USA at the moment, who are using this beneficial botanical for pain relief, anti-depressant, and as a remedy for drug addiction.

However, the legality concerns surrounding Kratom has dampened moods of everyone around, as they never know when and where it can be made illegal. At the moment, Kratom is illegal in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Columbia, and Washington DC. For the rest of the USA, it is entirely legal to use, sell, and buy.

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