U.S. Congress Takes Bipartisan Action to Regulate Kratom with New Legislation

In a noteworthy development, members of the U.S. Congress from both political parties have come together to propose a fresh piece of legislation focused on overseeing the use of kratom across the nation.

The newly introduced Kratom Consumer Protection Act is gaining traction and is expected to receive bipartisan backing. The bill is spearheaded by Republican Senator Mike Lee and is anticipated to be co-endorsed by Democratic Senator Cory Booker. The legislation aims to create a regulated market for kratom, ensuring that products are both safe and adequately labeled for consumer use. Mac Haddow, a leading policy expert for the American Kratom Association, highlighted the urgency of shielding consumers from a kratom market that currently lacks regulation and is prone to product adulteration. The proposed law also mandates the FDA to further scrutinize kratom’s health and safety profile, while preventing the agency from enforcing regulations that are more stringent than those applicable to food or dietary supplements.

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