What to know about Indiana’s ‘magic mushroom’ laws

INDIANA, USA — Last week, Colorado became the second state to legalize the recreational use of magic mushrooms in the U.S., in a move that reflects their growing popularity across the country. But how soon could there be a similar measure in Indiana? 

“Magic mushroom” is a catchall term for any species of fungi that causes psychedelic or hallucinogenic effects. They contain two psychoactive properties — psilocybin and psilocin. Those interact with the five senses and cause hallucinations. 

They are illegal throughout much of the world, but that’s slowly starting to change in the United States. Both Oregon and Washington D.C. decriminalized their use, as did certain parts of Michigan. 

Colorado voters’ decision to largely decriminalize their use comes as multiple studies tout potential benefits of consuming so-called magic mushrooms to cure ailments like existential anxiety, aid in end-of-life care and post traumatic stress disorder. 

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