Why Legal Kratom May Face a Battle with Drug Companies

Kratom is a natural drug based on the leaves and extractions of a plant of the same name that come from Southeast Asia. It is said to treat a variety of ailments and conditions, most notably withdrawal symptoms from heroin and other addictive drugs. It is also considered a mood and energy booster and is also used recreationally.1

The product contains compounds that can have psychotropic (mind-altering) effects, although the product is largely legal in the US. Mostly it is consumed for pain and relaxation, like cannabis.

While legal nationwide, concerns about the product have led some jurisdictions to restrict it. My state of Alabama has made it illegal and other authorities prevent local retail sales.

Concerns are in all likelihood overblown. In one study of Colorado (pop. 5.8+ million), over the period 1999–17 there were only fifteen kratom-related deaths. Of these cases, fourteen involved multiple other drugs, eight involved opiates, and only one was found to be a kratom-only death.

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